Kya Publishing Announces TORONTO URBAN BOOK EXPO Board of Directors

TORONTO, ONT (August 2018) - Kya Publishing has just announced the Board of Directors for their Toronto Urban Book Expo (TUBE). Since 2014, TUBE has hosted over 100 writers from across Toronto, Ontario, and visiting from the United States of America, in a book fair dedicated to urban literature and cultural texts.

"Over the years we have connected with so many talented and community-minded writers," said Kya Publishing founder, Stacey Marie Robinson. "With our new Board of Directors we will continue to brainstorm ways in which our Book Expo can best serve the writing community, provide exposure for independent and published authors, and also promote youth literacy and a love for reading."

The Board of Directors and their areas of responsibility are as follows:

Jeffrey Lee Cheatham II (Seattle, Washington) - Literary Festivals & West Coast Liaison

Jameel Davis (Cleveland, Ohio) - International Communication & East Coast Liaison

Kamilah Haywood (Toronto) - Youth & Community Outreach

Ancil London (Toronto) - Visual Communication

Marsha Mohammed (Toronto) - Logistics & Planning

Angelot Ndongmo (Toronto) - Children's Programming & Awards Presentation

Camille Ramnath (Toronto) - Education & Diversity

Stacey Robinson (Toronto) - Publishing


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