Kareative Interlude Present Toronto Urban Book Expo Children's Program

TORONTO, ONT (July 2017) - Children's author Karee Shea Walker of Kareative Interlude will be presenting a children's program at the 5th annual Toronto Urban Book Expo (TUBE) taking place on Friday, August 3, 2018 at the Toronto Public Library's Parkdale Branch (1303 Queen Street West) from 4pm to 8pm. The children's program is free, and will feature arts and crafts, children's authors, and children's book readings.

Kareative Interlude is a partnership utilizing arts to transform eyes and bless hands to the creative expressions that lay within. A multi-disciplinary company, they create in the areas of fashion, visual arts, community programming, and personal empowerment. Their first children's book "The Bee Leaf" is a powerful story that engages readers on the journey of building one's character, confidence and courage.

A message from Karee, about her book "The Bee Leaf":

"This creative work has been very spiritual, empowering and cleansing for me all at the same time. Through completing this bookwork, I know that I want to be free in my creative process and to be real with myself to the audiences I share my blessings and gifts with. Everyday I breath life into what I feel, I strive to use my time wisely to make my true purpose come through to manifest my authentic self. How we live our life is all about perspective, I am grateful I have embraced my bountiful abilities and had this moment in my life to complete my first children’s bookwork. To create is inspiring. As an artist I have sculpted my vision and process to achieve my spiritual nature. Since I have the free will to do and do again, I am motivated to refine, review and reflect in order to attain prosperous outcomes in my connection with the audience. I am thankful for my ability to create inspiring artistry. I am thankful that you choose to open your mind to this story, the messages and the symbols of this book has to offer that can bring people together in wholeness, to reflect and be."

"Kareative Interlude's presentation is a welcome addition to our program," said Kya Publishing's Stacey Marie Robinson. "We look forward to Karee's reading, and the uplifting messages she will bring our young attendees!"

Karee can be reached at info@kareativeinterlude.com.


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