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Kya Publishing to Donate Motivational Books To Ontario Correctional Facilities

TORONTO, ONT (January 2011) – Toronto-based publishing company, Kya Publishing, has launched a new program, Kya Keys, to share the benefits of reading with the men and women currently under rehabilitation in Ontario’s correctional facilities. On behalf of individual or organizational donors, the Kya Keys program will provide reading materials for circulation with the institutions’ library services. “It is important to be able to share knowledge and inspirational stories whenever possible, which is why most writers do what they do,” said Kya Publishing founder and author Stacey Marie Robinson. “Through Kya Keys , Kya Publishing would like to assist in providing the access, potential solutions, and systems for solving issues through reading, by contributing these literary keys.“ While most correctional facilities do not accept personal book deliveries from friends or families of their residents, they do accept orders sent directly from online book retailers. In order to facilitate t