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Kya Publishing Promotes Literacy During the Junior Caribbean Carnival Season Through Children's Activity Booklet

TORONTO, ONT (JULY 2013) – As a part of their mandate to support youth literacy and culture, Kya Publishing has created a Children’s Carnival Activity Booklet to be distributed within the annual children’s Caribbean carnival’s festivities. The 4-page workbook contains a carnival wordsearch, carnival word jumble, a carnival colouring page, and a create-your-own-carnival-story worksheet. It will be donated to 200 junior masqueraders with the Toronto Revellers band, is available for order, and will be a yearly initiative from the Kya Keys Book Donation Program during the carnival season. “The Junior [Caribbean] Carnival is such an exciting time of year for kids,” said Kya Publishing  founder and author Stacey Marie Robinson. “While children have an opportunity to celebrate their culture through music, costume, dance, and food, I thought it was an important time to introduce an element of reading and language as well.” The Kya Keys Book Donation Program was created to share the b