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Kya Publishing Partners with Donsdatter Ink for Fundraising Initiative

TORONTO, ONT (July 2019) - Toronto publishing and communications company Kya Publishing has partnered with local screenprinter Donsdatter Ink for a new fundraising initiative in support of their  Kya Keys Book Donation Program . Original products will be designed and sold at upcoming Kya Publishing events and vendor fairs for a flat rate of $20, with proceeds going towards the purchase of one book (per item). Kya Keys was created to encourage a love for books through the donation of literary keys: providing access, potential solutions, and systems for solving issues through reading. In the past Kya Publishing has donated books to Ontario correctional facilities, as well as collected and donated children's reading material for Jamaican schools. With this new initiative, the purchase of one item will support the donation of motivational and instructional self-help books (with a focus on Canadian and Urban Cultural content) to students in the Greater Toronto Area, or the d