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Kya Publishing Introduces Editing, Writing, Publishing, & Mentoring Services

TORONTO, ONT. (October 2011) - Kya Publishing, now in it's fifth year of operation, is expanding it's services to include editing, writing, publishing consults, and student writing mentoring. Founded by Toronto author Stacey Marie Robinson, Kya Publishing is committed to the promotion and celebration of urban Canadian books and culture. Along with publishing books, Kya Publishing will now assist writers, students, and business professionals, to help them achieve their writing and publishing goals. "Kya Publishing is more than just the Urban Toronto Tales book collection. We are a young company, and as we grow, I want to ensure that we not only provide entertaining literature...but that we support others in the community with their initiatives," said Robinson. "Whether it's writing, publishing, editing, or even just helping a student writer plan his or her next steps, Kya Publishing is eager to take part in the process." Fees for services are as fo