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Kya Publishing Adds Musical Literacy to Services

TORONTO, ONT (January 2019) - Toronto-based communications and publishing company Kya Publishing has added Musical Literacy to their list of available services for 2019. Their 6-week course will teach students to read music and understand the basics of music theory. The course will be available in person to students in the Scarborough/Toronto area, or delivered online via interactive video conference for one-hour sessions. Instruction will be personalized to the individual student, whether a child beginners or adult novice; all sessions will cover the same topics, based on the initial student assessment. Concepts to be covered will include (but are not limited to) reading music, music history, understanding musical terminology, scales, rhythm, and the composition of the musical staff. "Musical literacy is a great tool to have," said Kya Publishing founder, and music instructor Stacey Marie Robinson . "For instrumentalists, singers, DJs, performers, or music love

Toronto Urban Book Expo to Return in the Spring of 2020

TORONTO, ONT (January 2019) - Kya Publishing's urban book fair, the Toronto Urban Book Expo , will return to the city in the Spring of 2020. The literary event, which began in 2014 in association with the Toronto Public Library, has since hosted nearly 100 independent and published writers , community organizations, and provided the opportunity for local book lovers to purchase original literature and meet with a range of authors from Toronto and across the U.S. "We are committed to providing the best possible service for our participating writers as well as our book-loving patrons," said founder Stacey Marie Robinson. "Over the past five years we have collected data, feedback, recommendations, and aspirations from our participants, and are now dedicated to implementing improvements and brainstorming innovative ways to encourage literacy and increase independent book sales through the Book Expo ." While all writers are welcome to participate in the Toront