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Kya Publishing Launches "Carnival Leadership & Education Series" Online

TORONTO, ONT (January 2020) - Toronto-based communications and publishing company Kya Publishing has released the first of six articles in their new Carnival Leadership & Education Series, which will feature regular reflections on selected elements of Caribbean Carnival culture. Highlighted elements will include: MUSIC: instrumentalists, DJs, competitions, artists TRADITION: history, international impact, characters, focus DESIGN: mas bands, visual artists, costume designers, presentation DANCE: styles, theatre, masquerader, choreography ENTERPRISE: community, businesses, financial growth LITERATURE: storytelling, authors, classical contributions In support of Kya Publishing's carnival-centric outlet (and novel bearing the same name)  @CarnivalSpotlight , the six-part blog feature will chronicle Caribbean Carnival to reflect, inform, and encourage the development and documentation of the cultural phenomenon that is celebrated and revered by Caribbean natives, des