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Kya Publishing Releases Special Anniversary Edition "Urban Toronto Tales" eBooks on Amazon Kindle

TORONTO, ONT (April 2019) - Toronto-based publishing and communications company Kya Publishing has just released a special anniversary edition of  their Urban Toronto Tales collection. The nine novels and short story collections are now available online in e-book format with special new cover designs, through . Written by Stacey Marie Robinson , the stories in the Urban Toronto Tales collection are a fictional documentation of life, love, and relationships in the urban Toronto city. "I love Toronto and the people that live here, and my stories have always been dedicated to preserving the natural essence of life in Canada from a cultural perspective," said Robinson. "Kya Publishing's objective has always been to document, support, share, and encourage growth through urban fiction. The lives of my characters represent the young African and Caribbean descendants of this multicultural city, and it is my hope that this history will be authentically prese

Kya Publishing Documents Toronto Caribbean Carnival Season to Encourage International Participation

TORONTO, ONT (April 2019) - Toronto-based communications and publishing company Kya Publishing will be chronicling the masquerade bands, costumes, events, and arts surrounding Toronto's annual Carnival, taking place this year on Saturday, August 3. The parade, the pinnacle of the season's festivities, has attracted millions of participants, both local and international over its 52 years of production and presentation in the diverse Ontario city. "We enjoy participating in and endorsing this festival, as it has always been a staple of summer arts and activity in Toronto," said Kya Publishing founder Stacey Marie Robinson . "From the band launches to the registration process, we hope to always play a part in promoting this local enterprise by helping interested patrons locate a designer, band, and events to support." Kya Publishing's 2014 novel "Carnival Spotlight" is based on the Toronto Carnival experience--the Carnival arts industry