Kya Publishing Documents Toronto Caribbean Carnival Season to Encourage International Participation

TORONTO, ONT (April 2019) - Toronto-based communications and publishing company Kya Publishing will be chronicling the masquerade bands, costumes, events, and arts surrounding Toronto's annual Carnival, taking place this year on Saturday, August 3. The parade, the pinnacle of the season's festivities, has attracted millions of participants, both local and international over its 52 years of production and presentation in the diverse Ontario city.

"We enjoy participating in and endorsing this festival, as it has always been a staple of summer arts and activity in Toronto," said Kya Publishing founder Stacey Marie Robinson. "From the band launches to the registration process, we hope to always play a part in promoting this local enterprise by helping interested patrons locate a designer, band, and events to support."

Kya Publishing's 2014 novel "Carnival Spotlight" is based on the Toronto Carnival experience--the Carnival arts industry in Toronto continues to thrive, with a talented system of designers, administrators, makeup artists, DJs, dancers, event promoters, and musicians involved in keeping the industry energetic and profitable. Each year, the sponsoring entity behind the beloved celebration (still affectionately referred to as "Caribana") develops and supports a full schedule of summer activities to keep the city's Caribbean community and supporters engaged.

From the official launch, to public showcases, television appearances, concerts, and the anticipated start-of-season band launches, the event captivates Toronto's Caribbean arts crowd for the majority of the summer, leading up to parade day.

With a history of costume design, mas band administration, and communications over the years, Kya Publishing has been committed to Toronto's Carnival, its sustainability and community development.

"We love Carnival," said Robinson. "We love every aspect of this vibrant celebration, from the organizational side, to the stage show presentations. For this reason, we've dedicated one of our social media channels (@CarnivalSpotlight) to documenting and promoting the important stages along the way, and as a platform to support the community on an infrastructure level."

Dedicated to promoting Urban and Caribbean culture in Canada, Kya Publishing will continue to share the costumes and activities of the Carnival creators, as well as help to spread the word about the events and initiatives from the individual mas bands throughout the season. In addition to providing online/promotional support, Kya Publishing has also expanded their services to include Carnival-friendly items. A full list of services are listed online at

To connect directly with the various mas bands, please visit their individual websites for event and costume registration information:

Tribal Carnival
Toronto Revellers
Fantazia Carnival
Dream Carnival
Epic Carnival
Saldenah Carnival
Sunlime Mas
Carnival Nationz
Costume Creators
Venom Carnival
Atlantic Mas Toronto

Please note that Kya Publishing operates independently, and is not affiliated with or working in official representation of the Toronto Carnival organization.

To connect with Kya Publishing in regards to Carnival writing and administration services, please contact


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