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Kya Publishing Releases DJ Majesty Mixtape Highlighting the "Urban Toronto Tales" Book Collection

TORONTO, ONT (April 2013) – Kya Publishing has released an audio annotation of their 8 book Urban Toronto Tales collection: a mixtape created by DJ Majesty, featuring MC Brenton B, and narrated by author Stacey Marie Robinson. The musical mix of reggae, soca, hip-hop, and R&B is available for download and free hardcopies of the CD will also be distributed across Toronto this spring. "Each of these stories was inspired by a particular genre of music," said Robinson. "I wanted to provide a soundtrack to the books that would sound and feel like what my characters were experiencing, and what I was listening to during the writing process." The CD features 8 exclusive mixes from DJ Majesty, representing each of the books in the collection, and the characters from the tales: VIDEO LIGHT - Delia's Reggae Oldies Mix / I WISH I NEVER MET HIM - Vanessa's Dancehall Mix / REQUEST TO REWIND - Abigail's Soca Mix / THE WAY WE USED TO BE - Rahim