Kya Publishing Releases DJ Majesty Mixtape Highlighting the "Urban Toronto Tales" Book Collection

TORONTO, ONT (April 2013) – Kya Publishing has released an audio annotation of their 8 book Urban Toronto Tales collection: a mixtape created by DJ Majesty, featuring MC Brenton B, and narrated by author Stacey Marie Robinson. The musical mix of reggae, soca, hip-hop, and R&B is available for download and free hardcopies of the CD will also be distributed across Toronto this spring.

"Each of these stories was inspired by a particular genre of music," said Robinson. "I wanted to provide a soundtrack to the books that would sound and feel like what my characters were experiencing, and what I was listening to during the writing process."

The CD features 8 exclusive mixes from DJ Majesty, representing each of the books in the collection, and the characters from the tales: VIDEO LIGHT - Delia's Reggae Oldies Mix / I WISH I NEVER MET HIM - Vanessa's Dancehall Mix / REQUEST TO REWIND - Abigail's Soca Mix / THE WAY WE USED TO BE - Rahim's Hip-Hop Old School Mix / EIGHTEEN - Afia's R&B Old School Mix / FIRST YEAR - Michelle's R&B and Hip-Hop Mix / FRIENDS WITH BENEFITS - Symone's Slow Jam Mix and THE HOOK UP - Desiree's Lover's Rock Mix.

"The music sets the mood for each story," said Ryan Lowe aka DJ Majesty. "Many of our life experiences are tied to certain types of music; just hearing a song or a familiar riddim can bring us back to that time. It was great being a part of this project, and reminiscing about the Toronto experience over the years."

Toronto’s DJ Majesty provides professional entertainment services, with over 15 years of experience entertaining crowds. He is one of the most versatile DJs in the industry, and presents 8 distinct genre-mixes to highlight each of the Urban Toronto Tales on Kya Publishing’s inaugural mixtape.

"The CD itself is like a story," said Brent Kitson aka MC Brenton B, a staple in Toronto's urban entertainment community and a vibrant MC, also featured on the mixtape.

"The characters went through what most of us went through growing up in Toronto: going to the same events, having basement dances in your neighbourhood, playing mas or going downtown for Caribana…and then also dealing with regular day-to-day issues like school, work, or relationships. The Urban Toronto Tales books are about the life we live in Toronto, and the music fits each story perfectly."

"My books capture various moments in time in Toronto, from the perspective of a specific demographic of first- and second-generation Canadians, living in and around the city," said Robinson. "The language, the activities, and the locations are all distinctly Toronto by nature. This mixtape is Kya Publishing's way of enhancing the Urban Toronto Tales reading experience, by adding a familiar and enjoyable audio element, bringing the energy of the characters and their experiences to life."


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