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"Kya Keys" Program Donates Books to Ontario Correctional Facility

TORONTO, ONT (November 2016) - Toronto-based publishing company, Kya Publishing, has donated books to an Ontario correctional facility library through their Kya Keys Book Donation Program . The program was created to share the benefits of reading through various rehabilitation, academic, and youth institutions in Canada and Jamaica. The books selected for donation this fall are: Letters to an Incarcerated Brother by Hill Harper, and No Disrespect by Sister Souljah. In alignment with the Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services' mandates, these titles aim to affect "positive inmate and offender change" through literacy. "These particular books are written by public figures with a deliberate messages to uplift and encourage all readers," said Kya Publishing founder Stacey Marie Robinson. "Through Kya Keys , Kya Publishing strives to assist in providing the access, potential solutions, and systems for solving issues through reading urban

Children's Authors Highlighted in the Third Edition of Kya Publishing's JOURNAL OF CANADIAN URBAN FICTION

TORONTO, ONT (October 2016) – Toronto publishing company Kya Publishing has released the third edition of their Journal of Canadian Urban Fiction this month, with a focus on children's literature. Published annually, the journal features editorials, articles, commentaries, and book reviews, highlighting research in the field of urban fiction and examining cultural and literary works from an urban perspective. Created to advance Canadian Urban Fiction and literary scholarship for urban writers, the theme of this edition is "Children's Authors," which highlights Toronto-based authors, as well as a Seattle-based author, who were all participants in Kya Publishing's 2016 Toronto Urban Book Expo. "The books that children read play such an important role in identity construction and self-awareness," said Kya Publishing founder, Stacey Marie Robinson. "There are elements of culture like ethnicity, music, speech patterns, and familiar activities that will