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Author Kamilah Haywood Launches Online Discussion Series: "Chuuch"

TORONTO, ONT (September 2020) Kya Publishing author Kamilah Haywood  launched an online discussion show "Chuuch" to highlight thoughts, conversations, and progressive ideals from community members in the Greater Toronto Area. Co-hosted by artist relations manager, event curator, and social media strategist Amanda ( @whit3agle ), the two-hour digital sessions cover a range of topics from the education system to racial trauma. An open forum, with various guests from the community, the co-hosts encourage  audience comments and dialogue. Kamilah's novels focus on social issues ranging from sex trafficking to drug abuse, and issues within the corrections system--using the platform of "Chuuch" to amplify current issues, share informed voices, and collaborate to make tangible advances is an extension of her written work. The program is sponsored by Carat Productions , Fame Supply Co ., Dine with Dee , and Kya Publishing. The next edition of "Chuuch" is takin