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Kya Publishing Releases Results of Black Writers' Survey

TORONTO, ONT. (August 2020) - Toronto-based publishing and communication company, Kya Publishing, issued a survey to document the concerns, needs, and opinions of Black writers who are creating original works in spite of a challenging publishing industry, and in light of heightened awareness of Black stories, perspectives, and leadership. The survey, issued through social media and Kya Publishing's monthly newsletter, was available from July 6 through July 31, 2020 online. The results are now available, in hopes that the findings ignite increased dialogue and investigation into the needs of Black writers. "The conversation around anti-Black racism, and inclusive perspectives in literature, film, and public narratives has definitely changed this year," said Kya Publishing owner Stacey Marie Robinson. "We interact with a number of Black writers every day, and wanted to hear their thoughts, personal objectives, and struggles specifically as Black writers." With inc