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Kya Publishing joins the Association of Canadian Publishers (ACP)

TORONTO, ONT (March 2011) – Toronto-based publishing company, Kya Publishing , has been accepted into membership of the Association of Canadian Publishers (ACP). The association represents over 120 book publishers across Canada, from a variety of genres and interests. Through projects, advocacy, and professional development, the ACP consistently ensures that the interests of Canadian-owned and Canadian-controlled book publishers are protected and developed. They are dedicated to the creation of an economically sustainable publishing industry, as well as the ongoing promotion and support of Canadian books. To learn more about the ACP, please visit . Founded in 2007 by Canadian author Stacey Marie Robinson, Kya Publishing is dedicated to representing the voice of urban Canadians, and documenting their cultural experiences. Kya is excited to join the publishers and publishing experts at the ACP, and looks forward to the opportunities that this new membership and