Kya Publishing Releases Results of Black Writers' Survey

TORONTO, ONT. (August 2020) - Toronto-based publishing and communication company, Kya Publishing, issued a survey to document the concerns, needs, and opinions of Black writers who are creating original works in spite of a challenging publishing industry, and in light of heightened awareness of Black stories, perspectives, and leadership.

The survey, issued through social media and Kya Publishing's monthly newsletter, was available from July 6 through July 31, 2020 online. The results are now available, in hopes that the findings ignite increased dialogue and investigation into the needs of Black writers.

"The conversation around anti-Black racism, and inclusive perspectives in literature, film, and public narratives has definitely changed this year," said Kya Publishing owner Stacey Marie Robinson. "We interact with a number of Black writers every day, and wanted to hear their thoughts, personal objectives, and struggles specifically as Black writers."

With increased visibility of the Black Lives Matter movement, and increased opportunities given to Black voices in light of the community's protesting and demands for social justice, the organization endeavoured to collect the opinions and also words of advice to share amongst their peers.

"Our perspectives are key, during this moment in history," said Robinson. "Writers play a role in the communication of not only narratives, but also ideas and advances. We want to ensure that we continue to be heard, acknowledged, and supported as we tell the stories of our culture and educate generations to come."

Survey results are now available online, with hard copies of the report also available upon request.

A $50 online gift card was issued to one participant of the Black Writers' Survey through a random draw, to be used at Durham Region-based bookseller


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