Kya Publishing Author Kamilah Haywood Releases Inspirational Writing Soundtrack (Mixed by DJ Majesty)

Toronto, Ontario (April 2020) - Kya Publishing author Kamilah Haywood has compiled a list of her favourite songs, artists, and lyrics to share the sounds and inspiration behind her writing. "When I'm Creating" is a mix of hip hop, R&B, and soul tracks that she listens to while developing, drafting, and editing her works of fiction. Mixed by Toronto's DJ Majesty, the 120-minute project is available via SoundCloud.

Kamilah, the author of Diamond in the Rough Part Two, a novel about a woman's correctional institution in Toronto that touches on  experiences with confinement, mental health issues, and interpersonal relationships. Known for her realistic approach to life in urban Toronto, and her comfort in addressing otherwise uncomfortable issues, Kamilah uses the artistry of musicians to help her accurately depict the feelings and stories of her characters.

"What keeps me in the writing mood, musically? I definitely love hip hop like Tupac and of course, Biggie," said Kamilah. "I love the nineties rap: Styles P, Jadakiss, Wu-Tang, Mobb Deep."

Working with Toronto event and brand manager Ryan Lowe--aka DJ Majesty--Kamilah hoped to share her creative influences with other writers and artists, to show the relationship between the two art forms, as well as the thought processes and melodies that have helped to shape her perspectives and intentions.

"Music is definitely a huge driving force for me, when it comes to my writing," said Kamilah. "I listen to music during all stages of the production process, and I receive inspiration from the creativity of the talented artists who have so deliberately put their songs and albums together. Many of these artists have stood the test of time, over years, and sometimes decades. I hope to create messages through my books that can also resonate with audiences right now...or ten, twenty years from now."

The mix is a part of Kya Publishing's music catalogue of story soundtracks, event promotions, and motivational projects. Available through the Soundcloud platform, Kya Publishing has now collaborated with DJ Majesty for over five years--he is also the featured DJ at their annual Toronto Urban Book Expo event.

Committed to the development and growth of community and culture, Kya Publishing takes pride in providing communication and publishing services in support of writers, artists, organizations, local businesses, and entrepreneurs.

"Writing, music, and creative development of all types are all rooted in inspiration," said Kya Publishing founder Stacey Marie Robinson. "We hope the musical creations that have inspired us in various ways, can also serve as a source of enlightenment and entertainment for all who listen."

To listen to Kya Publishing's full collection of hip hop, soul, reggae, and soca mixes by DJ Majesty, take a look at their SoundCloud page.

To learn more about Kamilah Haywood and her books, please visit her page on the Kya Publishing website.

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