Kya Publishing Welcomes Canadian Urban Fiction Author Kamilah Haywood

TORONTO, ONT (May 2017) - Canadian publishing company Kya Publishing has just announced the newest addition to their author roster: urban fiction author Kamilah Haywood. A native of Toronto, Haywood has previously released two novels before joining Kya Publishing on their journey towards creating and sharing the diverse Canadian urban experience, through literature.

"Kamilah brings an authentic voice and a gritty perspective to the Canadian literary scene," said Kya Publishing owner, Stacey Marie Robinson. "Her writing style, her subject matter, dialogue, and perspectives are unlike any other Canadian author, and we're proud to have her on board."

Urban Fiction, a genre of literature also commonly referred to as "street lit," "hip hop lit," or "hood fiction," is often also categorized racially, as most of the authors, publishers, and characters of Urban Fiction are black/Afro-Diasporic. While Urban Fiction has a strong following and infrastructure in the U.S.--often known for their strengths in self-publishing and grass roots marketing and sales--in Canada the genre is extremely under-represented.

"Not everyone will fit into traditional literary scenes, align with established publisher mandates, or impress literary experts with their fiction," said Robinson. "Urban Fiction is unique in that the readers ARE impressed with the realness of the stories, recognition of familiar dialogue and speech patterns, and the cultural authenticity of the plots."

Haywood--who has comfortably written about subjects ranging from the drug game, to the criminal system, relationships, and coming-of-age in urban Toronto--has been praised for her truthful depictions of urban landscapes and characters. Without negative stereotyping.

"I am thankful to join Kya Publishing, and I believe in their vision," said Haywood. "Kya Publishing has been a source of support for me personally over the years, and encouraging for other emerging Canadian urban authors like myself. I'm glad to have found a home here, and look forward to contributing to the growth of Canadian Urban Fiction, and sharing our unique stories with the world."

Kamilah Haywood will be releasing her third novel (and first novel with Kya Publishing) during the summer of 2017, along with a range of promotional activities, to be announced at a later date.

For more information about Kamilah Haywood, or to connect with her online, please visit her page on the Kya Publishing website, where you can join her social media networks or request interviews and follow up.


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