Kya Publishing Launches New Website & Services

TORONTO, ONT (February 2017) - Toronto-based independent publishing company Kya Publishing has just relaunched their website, and announced that they will be offering communications services, in addition to their catalogue of Canadian Urban Fiction novels and short story collections.

Launched in 2007 by writer and Communications Specialist Stacey Marie Robinson as a self-publishing tool for her writing, Kya Publishing now has grown to be a support system for various urban artists and cultural organizations. Kya Publishing has nine books in print, currently, the Urban Toronto Tales collection including novels: Video Light, Carnival Spotlight, Request to Rewind, The Hook Up, Friends with Benefits, The Way We Used To Be, First Year, I Wish I Never Met Him, and Eighteen which are available online, via Amazon, and in circulation at the Toronto Public Library.

Initiatives like the annual Toronto Urban Book Expo, programs like the Kya Keys Book Donation Program, and the research-based Journal of Canadian Urban Fiction have helped to round out Kya Publishing's mandate: to share, celebrate, and communicate urban literature and culture.

"I love all things literary, musical, artistic...and I'm an entertainment enthusiast by nature. I also have an academic background in Communications, which gave me a great foundation for creating and disseminating information," said Robinson. "While writing is my passion, providing services and assistance to other urban artists has become an amazing addition to my professional routine."

Kya Publishing's communication services for urban writers, artists, and cultural organizations will include:

WRITING EDITING: Document Creation (articles/editorials, biographies, business plans, letters, press materials, promotional scripts, resumes/cover letters, and web content).

PUBLICITY AND PROMOTION: Communications Consult (getting started, marketing outlines, publicity brainstorm, social media overview), and Social Media Maintenance (authors & artists/djs, cultural organizations, personal branding, promoters/event planners, and small businesses).

PUBLISHING: Editing (articles, manuscripts, proposals), New Author Consult (planning and resources, self-publishing overview, starting/next steps), and Student Writing Mentorship (career development, feedback/writing, planning and resources).

"The services are designed to support urban artists in developing their business profiles," said Robinson. "The stronger we are as a collective, the louder our voices will resonate in the overall documentation of our culture and our stories. I am committed to securing this voice in Toronto, and in Canada, and hopefully the new Kya Publishing presence online will contribute positively to this goal."

The focus on Canadian Urban Fiction and literature remains, as Kya Publishing plans to expand their literary program to include emerging urban authors in the country.

For more information, please visit


Please contact Kya Publishing at for additional details, and current rates, or to receive a copy of the new brochure.


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