Kya Publishing Joins Wattpad Community With Free "VIDEO LIGHT" Access

TORONTO, ONT (December 2016) - Toronto publishing company Kya Publishing has joined the online storytelling community Wattpad, and is celebrating by offering free access to their "Urban Toronto Tales" novel VIDEO LIGHT to those registered with the site.

Kya Publishing--committed to the celebration of contemporary Canadian Urban Fiction and culture through their books, research, events, and community initiatives--is excited to share the 2008 novel, that has already been widely distributed and sold throughout Toronto over the years.

"Video Light is a short but sexy novel," said Kya Publishing founder Stacey Marie Robinson. "It's a classic Toronto love story about two individuals from the same [Jamaican] cultural background, with distinctly different histories. The characters experience the city and their adulthood through different lenses...which is what makes the story uniquely and authentically a 'Toronto' tale."

Through Wattpad, writers and authors of all genres and levels of expertise can share their works with a specialized online community. With over 35 million visitors per month, the feedback and sharing features make it a unique part of the literary community. Established in 2006 and headquartered in Toronto, this site is particularly popular with mobile users (representing over 85% of their traffic), and easily accessible for the 2 million writers that share this platform.

"We encourage reading of all genres, but are excited about the ongoing development of Canadian Urban Fiction," said Robinson. "Wattpad is a great way to reach new readers, and an amazing platform to share the urban stories about the city that we love: especially the story of Delia and Ryan, through Video Light."

Users can register with Wattpad online using their Facebook or Google accounts at, or through their mobile app. VIDEO LIGHT the novel is available on Kya Publishing's page at


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