Kya Publishing Celebrates Toronto's Caribbean Carnival with new Novel, Soca Soundtrack, Junior Costumes & Children's Book

TORONTO, ONT. (April 2014) – Kya Publishing is honouring Toronto’s rich Caribbean Carnival culture with the release of carnival-themed products this summer: a novel entitled Carnival Spotlight, a groovy soca mixtape, children’s carnival costumes for the parade, and a children’s story book. This collection of releases will authentically take readers and participants through the preparation and enjoyment of this Canadian tradition.

“Every year, hundreds of thousands of people look forward to participating in the Caribbean carnival in Toronto,” said Robinson, who founded Kya Publishing in 2007 specifically to document Canada’s urban community and culture. “I love the energy of carnival, and I wanted to capture its essence in print, music, and costume.”

Carnival Spotlight, the novel, features 35-year-old Delia Chinn, a former high-profile reggae dancer who is enticed back into a seductive party lifestyle when she meets members of the Groovy Massive soca dance group and joins the Carnival Groove masquerade band.

The Carnival Spotlight soundtrack features an 80-minute collection of 2014 groovy soca hits, mixed by Toronto’s DJ Majesty and featuring MC Brenton B.

For the Junior Carnival, Kya Publishing will be producing children’s costumes (designed by Melissa Marshal-Drukarsh) for the Toronto Revellers masquerade band, the reigning Junior Carnival Band of the Year. This will be Robinson’s second time as a children’s costume Section Leader.

Along with the children’s costume, Robinson has created a children’s story and colouring book, Allyuh Eat Already, that will be made available to all youth participants in the Scotiabank Caribbean Carnival’s Junior Carnival.

“All of Kya Publishing’s activities are inspired by the people, the music, the food, the events, and the culture of urban Toronto,” said Robinson. “Toronto’s Carnival has been—and continues to be—such a big part of my life. I wanted to make sure that Kya Publishing canonized the personal tales and arts surrounding this event so the wonderful experiences can continue to be celebrated over the generations.”



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